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Base64 String

Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding system that converts files and images to a radix-64 representation and displays binary data in an ASCII string format. It's primarily utilized when you need to encode binary data that needs to be saved and transferred via ASCII-compatible media. The basic goal is to keep a file or image from becoming corrupted while being transmitted. On the alternate end, the Base64 string needs to be converted back to the original image. That’s where Base64 decoding is used. It is being utilized by web developers and programmers around the word for optimizing their websites.

So, what if you have a Base64 string and wish to decode it back to its original picture format? Which tool one should use that provides efficient decoding of Base64 string? Is the decoding of Base64 string back to image always flawless? Can I preview the original image?

Do you have such questions and are looking for a good decoding tool? You are at the right place as our handy online tool “Base64 to image“ decoder is one of the best tools that you can easily use whenever you need Base64 decoding.

Before jumping into the guide itself, it’s good to explain some of the terms.

What is Base64 decoding?

Base64 is a format in which characters, binary data, and images are given in the form of a readable string. Base64 decoding is used to convert that string back to the original characters, binary data or an image, depending upon the requirement.

The use of Base64 pictures in websites improves webpages and cuts down on the time it takes for a website to load. When graphics are Base64 encoded, the number of HTTP requests to download the webpage is minimized. Base64 encoding can be used to save HTTP requests. The amount of HTTP requests increases when you need to load a lot of small photos so it's a good idea to convert the images to base 64. However, sometime we need to view the encoded Base64 string so we can see find the original image. So we need to decode Base64 string to image and our Base64 to image converter provides a flawless image. You don’t have to download any tool on your machine. Instead, just by a click, you can preview the image in your browser.

How to use our Base64 to Image decoder tool?

All of our tools are designed to be simple to use. We want to ease your mind of thinking as we want you to focus on things that need it the most.  Thus, we want to make our user experience quite flawless. We don’t want you to spend any time to understand the tool and that’s how we designed our interface. Using our Base64 to Image decoder, you can easily decode a Base64 string to an image in few simple steps.

  1. Copy the Base 64 string from the file where Base 64 data has been saved.
  2. Go to our online tool and paste the Base64 string in the box under ‘Base64 string’ label.
  3. Beneath the box, there will be a button titled ‘Convert to Image’. Click this button to start conversion.
  4. In a matter of few moments, the Base64 string would be decoded and resulting image will be shown as a preview for you.
  5. You can also download the decoded image for free. For downloading the image, you have to click on the button labelled ‘Download image’.

In this way, in few simple steps you will have a decoded image downloaded.

Why should you use our tool?

We provide an easy to use decoding tool by which you can convert a Base64 to image that can be previewed directly in the browser. You can also download it if it is required. It is completely free of cost and it’s a browser based tool so you don’t have to download this tool in your PC. With just a click you can get your Base64 string decoded back to original Image and you may relax, knowing that our Base64 to Image decoder has produced faultless Image that can be viewed and saved for future use.

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