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To begin with, cropping has nothing to do with framing. Cropping an image (usually a photo) means removing or adjusting the image's outside edges to improve the frame size, divert the viewer's attention to the subject, or modify the aspect ratio. Cropping is one of the most fundamental picture editing techniques, and it is used to eliminate an undesired object or distracting noise from the photograph's perimeter, adjust the aspect ratio, or improve the overall composition.

Keep in mind that the closer you crop the image, the smaller it becomes. For instance, if you crop an image from 1280 x 1024 pixels to 640 x 512 pixels, you've decreased the size by half, lost clarity, and ended up with a pixelated, blurred shot. Hence, you need a good tool that must not compromise on quality of image.

Why do you need a good Image Cropper?

Image cropper is an extremely strong tool in a content creator's toolkit that is often neglected, but once you understand its potential, you will never look at photographs the same way again.

Along with tone balancing, color correction, and sharpening, image cropping is regarded one of the few editing procedures appropriate in modern photojournalism. Cropping an image or a video by removing the top and bottom margins creates a view that resembles the panoramic format (in photography) or the widescreen format (in filmmaking and broadcasting). Photo capturing tools, like your phone's camera, feature grid lines to assist you in cropping according to the rule of thirds. The cropped image gets us closer to the subject while also removing the distracting objects from the surrounding region.

How to use our Image Cropper tool?

Our website emphasizes on a better user interface. We strive to provide services with quality and convenience. You can easily launch our image cropper tool directly from our home page under Image Editing Tools. You can get what you're looking for without having to rely on third party software and applications to make your image suitable as per your requirements. This guide is divided into sub parts. We will provide brief instructions and information on all sections. Follow up with the instructions provided to crop your images without any hassle.

1. Image File Insertion:

Image Cropper tool provides two options for image file insertion. This gives our users the freedom to save their files wherever they want, whether on their personal computers or on any online platform with a URL linked to it. Multiple uploading options aid our users in utilizing our tool without going anywhere else for further conversions. First option is:

From Personal Computer:

If you have stored your image file on your local computer, follow these instructions to upload it from there.

  1. Check the right-hand bottom corner of the dotted box to make sure you've selected the correct uploading option. You've come to the right place if it says Use Remote URL. Otherwise click on it, the option will change.
  2. Select a picture using the Choose an image
  3. Your file explorer will open. Choose any JPG, PNG, or other image file that you want to crop, from the directory where your files are stored. To continue, click Open.
  4. Your file will be shown on the preview box which will be explained briefly in next section.

There is an alternative method of uploading your images that is more convenient and easier to follow. To use the drag and drop feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the location where you 'stored your file in the chosen folder.
  2. Open the tool in your browser and minimize it using the browser's minimize button.
  3. Drag the file you wish to upload all the way into the dotted box with your mouse.
  4. Release the mouse button, and your image will appear in the preview window.

Using Remote URL:

Most of the time, the file is saved online, or you've located a photo on a website with a different picture size and, rather than downloading from there, you'd want to get the cropped image directly. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have chosen the right file choosing option by going to the right most bottom corner of the dotted box. If it reads Upload from Device, you are at the right place. Otherwise click on it, the option will change.
  2. To type in the link, you can either type the whole link, or press [Ctrl + V] if you have copied the link before or simply click on paste button (Clipboard icon) at the right side of the box.
  3. Then click on the Add button alongside the box.
  4. Image File Preview:

This is the feature that most editing tools lack as they only inform you if your file is uploaded or not with only the file name shown. Our Image Cropper tool displays the preview of the file the moment you upload the file. This preview helps you analyze your file and verify if the uploaded file is the one you wanted to upload.

2. Image File Crop:

After the file is uploaded, please follow the steps below to crop the image in a simple way:

  1. A box with blue borders is visible on the image that shows the resulting boundary of the image to be cropped. Click and drag any of its corners to adjust the size of the resulting cropped image.
  2. Then you can click on the portion inside the blue borders to drag the cropping area to some other section of your image as you need.
  3. After making sure that that the area under blue bordered rectangle represents the portion of image that you need, rest will be cropped out once you press the Crop Image
  4. Next, Your image preview will appear along with the downloading option. It will show the exact file you will receive after cropping. This feature lets you analyze your images before you decide to download.
  5. Click on Download button to download your cropped image.

Why should you use this tool?

You can use our image cropping tool to suit your sizes for a printed picture frame or on a business card. Our tool helps you to get your images cropped in a blink of an eye with multiple uploading options. You can either select an image file from your device through file explorer or drag directly or you can even use remote URLs. You can have live preview of the results as well. We don’t compromise on quality while complementing the message, emphasizing a point and adding interest to your post. This makes our tool one of the most user friendly image cropping tool.

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