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The Internet has produced lots of new careers, the most well-known of which are picture editing and design-related. Have you ever attempted to enlarge a picture by resizing it? The expanded image is typically blurred and unattractive as a result of the loss of quality.

Enlarged images and typical poor quality:

On the internet, bitmap is the most used picture format. Bitmap image files are all of your JPEG and PNG files. Thousands of pixels comprise a bitmap picture. You may see the pixels as squares if you zoom in close enough.

To resize an image, most of the image editing software reduce or increase the number of pixels. As a result, there is no noticeable quality loss when resizing an image to a smaller size. This is mostly due to the fact that those pixels will become even less noticeable. But when we need to enlarge an image by increasing the number of pixels, the newly added pixels matter a lot, they determine how clearer the resulting image is. And, most of the image enlarging software do not employ state-of-the-art algorithms to fill in the newly added pixels appropriately, and as a result, the final image seems to be blurred. Even though the size of the image is increased but quality is worsened.

How can our tool help you?

Graphic design, education, technology, and other fields, for instance, need a large library of appealing graphics. Our free online tool allows you to resize tiny photographs without sacrificing quality or producing distortion (sometimes referred to as ‘artifacts’). We have employed highly efficient AI algorithms for image enlargement that produce nearly flawless results. Our tool offers a variety of resampling sizes for different sorts of photos (e.g., line art vs. photographs) and allows you to select your desired upscaling size varying from 0% to 500%.

How to use our Image Enlarger?

We strive to make our users' experience as smooth as possible. Simply launch the Image Enlarger tool to get what you're looking for without having to rely on third party software and applications to make your image suitable as per your requirements. This guide is divided into sub parts. We will provide brief instructions and information on all sections.

1. Image File Insertion:

Image Enlarger tool provides two options for image file insertion. This gives our users the freedom to save their files wherever they want, whether on their personal computers or on any online platform with a URL linked to it. Multiple uploading options aid our users in utilizing our tool without going anywhere else for further conversions. First option is:

From Personal Computer:

In case you have saved your image file on your local computer, follow these steps to upload your file from your computer.

  1. Make sure you have chosen the right uploading option by going to the right most bottom corner of the dotted box. If it reads Use Remote URL, you are at the right place. Otherwise click on it, the option will change.
  2. Go to the Choose an image button and click on it.
  3. It will open your file explorer. Browse the location where your files are kept, and choose any JPG, PNG or any other image file that you want to enlarge. Click on Open to proceed.
  4. Your file will be shown in the preview box which will be explained briefly in next section.

There is another way of uploading your files that is more convenient and easier to understand. Follow the instructions below to utilize the drag and drop option:

  1. Go to the specified folder in which you have saved your file.
  2. Open the tool in your browser and click on the minimize button on your browser.
  3. Click on the file you want to upload and drag it all the way into the dotted box.
  4. Release the mouse click and you will have your image previewed in the preview box.

Using Remote URL:

Most of the times the file is saved online, or you have found some picture on a website with a smaller picture size and instead of downloading from there, you want to directly download the enlarged image. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Make sure you have chosen the right file choosing option by going to the right most bottom corner of the dotted box. If it reads Upload from Device, you are at the right place. Otherwise click on it, the option will change.
  2. To type in the link, you can either type the whole link, or press [Ctrl + V] if you have copied the link before or simply click on paste button (Clipboard icon) at the right side of the box.
  3. Then click on the Add button alongside the box.

2. Image File Preview:

This is the feature that most editing tools lack as they only inform you if your file is uploaded or not with only the file name shown. Our Image enlarger tool displays the preview of the file the moment you upload the file. This preview helps you analyze your file and verify if the uploaded file is the one you wanted to upload.

3. Enlarge Image:

  1. After the file is uploaded, drag the slider below Enlarge Settings Initially, it will be in left most position and text beneath it will be showing ‘No change!’. You can drag the slider towards right, and the text will now show the percentage of Enlargement. It can go up to 500%. You can set it as per your requirement.
  2. There will also be 2 sizes displayed. One is of the input image, and second is of the final image after enlargement. You can observe it while dragging the slider to get an idea of what your final image size would be.
  3. Then click on ‘Enlarge Image’ button. Your image preview will appear along with the downloading option.
  4. Click on ‘Download’ button to download your enlarged image.

Why should you use this tool?

Photographers and graphic designers will appreciate our Image Enlarger's ability to enlarge pictures up to 500% and improve them without compromising on quality. It supports a broad range of image file types such as PNG, JPEG, and others. It is based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms and technology. It is absolutely free and does not demand creating an account. You can either select an image file from your device through file explorer or drag directly or you can even use remote URLs. You can enlarge your images according to your requirements and have a preview of the results. This makes our tool very user friendly.

James Smith

CEO / Co-Founder

Enjoy the little things in life. For one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


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