Text to Binary

Text to Binary

Computers store all characters as binary data (numbers). The digits 0 and 1 (binary numerals) are used to represent computer instructions or text in binary code. A bit string is assigned to each instruction or symbol. Text and other data are converted to binary by computers using an ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) value. If you are a computer software programmer or a computer hardware design expert, you may need to use the binary data to manipulate certain bits and get your algorithm running. Humans understand the English Text that is, in fact, ASCII code representation for the computers. Once you have the ASCII value, you may have to convert it to binary.

Our Text to Binary Converter tool can help you convert the English text into binary codes that you can use directly in your software programs or may even be helpful in the algorithm development stage. Sometimes the software programs may have to read data from a file and that data needs to be in binary form, but all you ‘ve got is English text and you have to get it converted to get the job done. There comes our useful tool to help ease out your tension. You won’t have to use the ASCII table and manually convert each of them. Text to Binary Converter will do it for you, free and hassle free.

It is critical to understand that uppercase and lowercase binary outputs are not the same. The computer reading the binary information would otherwise be unable to determine which letters to capitalize. If you need to change case of your text, according to your needs, before converting to binary, you can use our case converter tool for that purpose, which is also very handy to use.

How to use Text to Binary Tool?

Our tool is very easy to use. The interface just contains three buttons and a field where you ‘ll enter the text and converted code will appear in the new field. Please follow the steps below to get your English text converted to binary. 

  1. Copy the text from the file where you have the ASCII/English strings to be converted into binary form.
  2. Open our Text to Binary Converter online tool and paste your copied text in the field above the three buttons.
  3. Click on the Convert This is the first button from left to right.
  4. A new box will appear below the buttons and your converted binary code will be there in a few moments.
  5. You can then save it to your clipboard by clicking the Copy Icon in the top right corner of the lower box.

Among rest of the two buttons, one is Sample button which, upon clicking, will automatically enter a sample text ‘Hi, Sample Text!’ in the upper field. And, after that if Convert button is pressed, the corresponding binary code will be generated in lower field, which is:

1001000 1101001 101100 100000 1010011 1100001 1101101 1110000 1101100 1100101 100000 1010100 1100101 1111000 1110100 100001.

So, the Sample button is for the ones who don’t even have the time to read the step-by-step instructions, they just try on their own, sample text gets automatically entered and they can convert to see the results. They simply get an idea, and this also adds to the simplicity of this tool.

Last among the buttons is the Reset button, which upon a single click, will clear both the fields and you are ready to convert the next block of text. You ‘ll not have to manually select whole text in both fields and then delete it. It has been made easy by doing just one click on Reset button.

Why should you use our Text to Binary tool?

Our Case Converter text tool has been created to make your life easier. In a matter of milliseconds, our simple tool will convert unlimited lengths of text to binary codes. It ensures 100 % accuracy so that you don’t have to double check manually what binary codes have been generated. You can just stay at peace knowing that our Text to Binary tool has flawlessly generated the binary code and is ready to use.

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CEO / Co-Founder

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