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­­­­­The moment you read the title of our tool, word counter, you wonder why you need it? Many typing tools already provide the word count so what is unique in this tool? But our uniqueness stems from other useful extensions along with the word count assist. We get to know the need of our users and we provide solutions that best cover those needs with our user experience analysis. And believe us; our users are our priority.

Our word counter tool is there to help you analyze anything for your typed words. This tool gives brief and easy to read analysis on your typed words that will help you in better understanding and refining of your typed documents.

How to use Word Counter tool?

Ease of use is our aim for all our tools. We want to ease your mind of thinking as we want you to focus on things that need it the most. We don’t want you to spend any time to understand the tool and that’s how we designed our interface. An interface so easy, a 6-year-old could use it too, if they are into content writing this early. Just follow these steps to get to know how to use this tool:

  1. Copy the text that you want to analyze from the word processing application you are using.
  2. Go to our word counter tool and paste your copied text in the box with light text written in it as “Paste your text here…”
  3. Click on the Count button at the end of the box.

Just like this, your work is done! It is that simple to use.

Our tool provides many analysis indicators to help you analyze your typed text. Let us take you through them one by one so there is no discrepancy regarding the analysis that our word counter tool provides.


Paragraphs give your written text a sense of organization. They provide a specific structure for particular arguments and therefore make the conveyance of your accumulated thoughts much easier. Following are the pros for this analysis indicator:

  1. For long text documents, you don’t have to read through all of it to know how many paragraphs are there.
  2. For formal writings, number of paragraphs are specified. You can tally those numbers with our Word Counter tool and analyse your text to add or remove paragraphs.
  3. Sometimes paragraphs are inserted or deleted accidentally because of formatting faults or some other glitch. You can use paragraph analysis to know if the paragraphs in the text match the number of specified paragraphs.

Characters (With spaces):

That long spacebar plays a crucial role in conveying your message clearly to your audience, but unnecessary use can make it a nuisance. Our tool reads all the Characters along with spaces inserted as many tools just ignore them to provide you the word count only.

Number of characters with spaces should be approximately equal to sum of Word Count and Characters (without spaces). If they are not, you should go through your document to see if there are unnecessary number of spaces inserted.


Character analysis is a commonly used parameter for determining the length of written text. But not all word processing applications provide an option for this analysis indicator. You can use this indicator to match your typed number of characters with your required number of characters.


Finally, we have a word count indicator which gives you the number of words in your text. Although this option is a generally available in most word processing applications but having it online in your working browser is very useful. Many Online sites have put word limits or character limits in each of their posts, so Word Counter tool is very convenient to help you stay within the limits while creating engaging content.

Why Word Counter?

Word Counter tool doesn’t just provide you the word count in your inserted text, but it takes your document and analyse from many different angles. In a matter of milliseconds, our simple tool analyzes unlimited lengths of text and gives you a brief report of how many words you have typed, how many characters you have inserted, how many spaces you have inserted and how many paragraphs are there in your text. This precise and calculated analysis is there to help you focus on your writing rather than these trivial details because we have you covered in this domain.

James Smith

CEO / Co-Founder

Enjoy the little things in life. For one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.


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